Monday, May 21, 2012

The best way to save environment is only hiking fuel price. A/D ?

  • The best way to solve the worlds environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Millions of threats have entrapped our earth in these days. And pollution is one of the leading threats to our planet. Thousands of endeavored have been made to sort out the problem of pollution till today. Yet we have not got hundred percent success. A large group of people believe that hiking fuel price can be the best solution to protect the environment. But I don’t agree with them, my essay will give some reasons for my belief and then state this only step is not sufficient.

One reason why this approach may not work is that there is not just one environmental problem the world faces today. If governments did make fuel more expensive, it might well help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce and so slow down the rate of global warming and air pollution. However, it would not help with other major problems such as land pollution, overpopulation, the hole in the ozone layer or water pollution. For these problems we need to find other solutions.

A second reason why this policy may not be the most appropriate is that it places the emphasis on governmental policy and not individual responsibility. Ultimately, most environmental problems are the result of the way we as individuals live our lives. If we wish to find a permanent solution to them, we need to learn to live in a way that it is greener or kinder to the environment or we say we must learn to live Eco-friendly life. What governments need to do to make this happen is to ensure there is a global programme to educate people of all ages about the environmental consequences to their actions. Along with this control on industrialization is also important as well.

To put in a nutshell, I believe that increasing the level of taxation on fuel is one of the possible but only a tentative solution to environmental problem and we need some concert solutions. So awareness as well as activeness of people through education and to some extent control on industrialization can solve this problem to far greater extent.


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