Friday, May 18, 2012

Writing.-2 - Can parents be a good teacher?

  • Children should never be educated at home by their parents. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.

Childhood and education both are one of the most important parts of our lives. And if we talk about the right place and person for imparting education, I believe that depends on individual. There are many children who can learn better at home whereas on the other hand there are many others who can develop well in schools. But in my opinion I would say it is really better for children to send them at academic institutions. I have some strong reasons to believe this. Let us discuss in detail.

First of all the children need space to run and make noise, to jump and cry. And I believe no one can allow his children to do this all at home. While Kindergartens give such a possibility and a chance to bring their inner child out. They are specifically designed for children only so they give space, a lot of toys and constructions for physical exercises. So, even if you do not have good living conditions, the kindergarten is the best way for you to let your child develop fully. But if one has a large family with many children and enough space, he may keep provide all these facilities at home but in my view only these facilities can not develop a child in all direction but these amenities should be provided with some supervision, guidance and regulations and that can possible only at such special institutions.

Secondly when a child goes to school he can come in contact with some other same age children. And this can be the most effective way of learning and grasping at this age. Such a contact is very important for playing, entertaining, making friends and learning other things. This will develop them not only mentally but practically as well. They will quarrel with one another and will learn to sort out it themselves. They will learn interacting with others and many other important aspects of life which can be very much useful in their future life and this cannot be taught so much effectively between the walls of a home.

On the other side, homes too have their important role to perform in edifying the children and we cannot ignore it. But if some people argue that parents and home can replace teachers and school, I must insist that they will always have some limitations. For example parents can teach them texts but cannot teach them value of friends at home. Parents can explain them value of time and manners but cannot make them realize the importance of discipline and regularity. Parents cannot teach them everything what a teacher can easily make them learn. 

In general
, parents can play a major role in educating their children but they can not fully replace schools and teachers. Hence only together they make the most effective union which will contribute a lot in the development of a bright future for any child. [487 words]


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