Monday, May 21, 2012

Can you speak on these Q cards instantly?

Just try to speak on all of the topics instantly without thinking a minute. Try this with your batch mates or partner. 


1.       Actor                 (who, what are characteristics, about his acting skills, why)
2.       Actress             (who, her looking, expressions, nature, why)
3.       Artist                 (who, what are characteristics, why)
4.       Author               (who, what are qualities, why)
5.       Celebrity           (who, his/her appearance, why)
6.       Female icon     (who, what are qualities, why)
7.       Friend               (who, where and when, what are qualities, why)
8.       Kid                    (which one, how is it, why)
9.       Leader              (who, where and when you met, what are characteristics, why)
10.    Magician           (Who, Where and when, why you impressed, about magic trips)
11.    Musician            (who, which types of music skills he has, why do you)
12.    Neighbor           (who, characteristics, why is s/he is your  favorable)
13.    Old person        (who is he, what are good sides of him, why)
14.    Personality        (who is he, what is he, characteristics, why)
15.    Radio jockey     (Who, his/her speech, how he/she impressed other)
16.    Singer                (who is he/she, how is her/his voice, characteristics, why)
17.    Sportsman        (who, achievements, look, why)
18.    Teacher             (who, which subject, qualities, why)
19.    Movie                (which, who has made, theme, moral, why)
20.    Soap opera / Serial  (Which, when it is telecast,why, popularity)  
21.    Radio program
22.    Game
23.    Festival
24.    Childhood story
25.    Subject in school days / college days
26.    Book
27.    Story book
28.    Magazine
29.    Newspaper
30.    News channel
31.    Advertisement
32.    Article
33.    Dress
34.    Jewellery / Accessory
35.    Brand of product
36.    Domestic Animal
37.    Wild animal
38.    Bird
39.    Game
40.    Home gadget / Electronic gadget
41.    Piece of furniture
42.    Room in your house
43.    Country
44.    City
45.    Village
46.    Building in your city
47.    Corner of your city
48.    Shop
49.    Garden
50.    Recreation spot
51.    Library
52.    Historical place
53.    Hill station
54.    Holiday spot
55.    Hotel
56.    Restaurant
57.    Season
58.    Month of the year
59.    Day of the week
60.    Holiday
61.    Colour
62.    Flower
63.    Fruit
64.   Website
65.   Mode of transport
66.   Vehicle
67.   Food
68.   Dish
69.   Time of the day
70.   Tradition of your culture.

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