Friday, June 1, 2018

Most countries want to improve the standard of living through economic development, however, others think the social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

Solid economy is one of the most desired goal for majority of the nations with a view to providing better life qualities to their citizens.However, there is also a belief that this approach can lead to lose the social values. Personally, I could not agree with this, as I believe financial strength is a must for the nation not only in improving the life standards of the people but also for making their lives more contempt in many ways. This essay will discuss both the sides of the argument.

To commence, economic growth will provide more comfortable and convenient life styles to people and this will serve many purposes. for example, if a country is economically stronger it would be able to provide higher standards of health and hygiene, education, medication, employment, entertainment along with safety and security to its people.This will lead to better circulation of money in itself and in turn it would help the government to balance economy in much better way. Moreover, if the people are accessible to basic needs by the government which is possible through strong economy, the crime rate would also get decreased. For instance, if we consider any nation with strong economy, like the USA, the UK or Russia, it is clear that the stronger the economy, the better the life standards people enjoy and the safer life they live.

On the contrarian view, talking about the drawbacks, it is possible that, such an approach may lead people to work harder to maintain their high life standards, which may sometimes cause hyper tension and constant stress or pressure which ultimately can destroy families and societies. Moreover, chances are there, where people would be greedier and will lose their honesty, kindness, cooperativeness and hard working attitude. Even some may grow negative values like envy and unhealthy competition among them. But on the whole, this seems impractical to think against the development with just a fear of this negative by products. In fact, a positive approach towards economical development, may help reducing the gaps between higher and lower polars of the society and can create a more healthy and balanced society. 

To recapitulate, even though there seems to have certain possible drawbacks of economic development for a nation, I assert such a progress would serve lot more advantages right from improving life styles of people to provide them better safety, security and future. Hence, I insist the nation should go forward with economical development. 

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