Sunday, June 3, 2018

Describe a custom from your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt. Explain your choice, using specific reasons and examples.

Custom means a traditional and widely accepted way of that is specific to a particular society, place, or time. Every nation has its own peculiar set of customs and traditions and in the era of globalization it is quite common to see the influence of different cultures from different countries. In this scenario, if I am to suggest something from my country to be followed in other parts of the world, from many important customs of India, I would suggest bowing down or touching feet of respected elders. 
Let me elaborate this in details.

To start with, this is the custom wherein we Indians respect our elders by bowing down to them and take their blessings by touching their toes.This custom is not merely a habit developed in our gestures, but this teaches us many things. Firstly, whenever some younger one meets some one elder to him, possessing good virtues, knowledge, power or good values, he usually touches his fit by bending down. This is a gesture of respect. This would develop the sense of respecting and valuing our elders or those who are superior to us.  

Secondly, this is not merely a set of traditions being passed from generations to generations, it has a scientific reasons too. As per ancient and psychological scientific approach it can be ascertained that all the important nerves start from the brain end in our feet or palms, and hence the vital energy zones lie here. Hence, touching feet of elders or superiors is a unification of point of shraddha and karuna, that is faith and kindness.When a person bend down and touches feet of the elder, this gesture would help him reducing his ego and increasing his faith in the one who possesses good virtues. Moreover, when any person whose vibrations are more will be able to transmit the same to others, just like in shaking hands. When someone shakes hands of a person who is low, by a firm shaking or hugging, one will feel better or there will be an substantial increase in cosmic energy, the same is applicable to this gesture too. Lastly, the elders also reciprocate touching ones head by their hands, which will allow the positive vibes from him to flow to the one who is touching his feet. Finally, this is something easy to acquire and need not any specific training or skills, so I believe this can be easily adopted by almost all the parts of the world.

To recapitulate, among many other useful customs from India, for numbers of vital reasons like showing respect, reducing ego and making positive feelings easy to pass, I believe the tradition of touching feet of respected elders or superiors, is worth-adopting for other countries.


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