Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Part – 1

-            Can I see your ID?
-            Could you tell me your full name, please?
-            Do you work or study?
-            What subject do you study?
-            Have you always wanted to study it?
-            What is your favourite subject?
-            Do you know your neighbours?
-            Did your neighbours help you in any way?
-            Would you prefer to have young or old people as neighbours?

Part – 2 Cue Card
 Describe a shop that impressed you. Please say.
-            Where is the shop?
-            When did you visit it? How did you learn about it?
-            What do they sell?
-            Why did it impress you?

Part – 3 Discussion

-            When and where do you go shopping?
-            What things do people buy for special occasions in your home country?
-            Do you think that advertisements can make people buy things they do not need?
-            How women or men differ from each other in shopping?
-            Is there a difference between how young and old people shop?
-            What changes do you find in shopping habit of people in last ten years?


Part – 1

-          Where do you come from?
-          What are you doing at the moment?
-          Why did you choose that field of study?
-          What is the future prospectus of this course?
-          What is your future planning?
-          How do you prepare yourself for that?

Part – 2 Cue Card

Talk about a famous place that you know and would like to visit.
      Please say,
-        Where is this place?
-          What have you heard about the place?
-          What will you do when you go there?
-         Why did you choose this place?

Part – 3 Discussion

-          Are their any tourist spots near your area?
-          Do you think people should get information about places they’re traveling to? Why?
-          What resources are available to search for information about the place they are going to visit?
-          Is the internet a good resource? Why?
-          What kind of places are popular for tourism in your country?
-          Do you think traveling is still popular in your country? Why?
-          What is the future of tourism in your country?

Part – 1

-          What is your full name?
-          What shall I call you?
-          What is the meaning of your name?
-          What is your typical routine?
-          Which part of the day do you like most?
-          What is your most productive time of the day?
-          Do you plan your weekends in advance?

Part – 2 Cue Card

-          Talk about a product that you want to buy overseas.
Please say
-          What kind of product is it?
-          Why are you buying this product overseas?
-          Is it easy to buy this product in your country?

Part – 3 Discussion

-          Do you buy many products overseas?
-          What kind of overseas products are sold in your country?
-          What do you think about the global economy?
-          Is market research important for export business?
-          How can government export more products in other countries?
-          Why is internet useful for global economy?

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