Sunday, May 6, 2018

Nowadays in many families, the grandparents are responsible for bringing up children. Is it a good or bad development for grandparents? Give your own opinion and examples.

In today's contemporary era, with changing life styles, the roles of family members are changing. Owing to the hectic schedules of young couples, their children are mostly looked after by the older members of the family. Even though it seems quite relaxing trend at present, in my belief it would have numbers of harmful effect in the longer run for the aged people as they may face problems with their health at this age.

To begin with, even though it seems quite relaxing trend for working couples, it is practically difficult for senior people due to their poor health at this age. For instance, taking care of children requires lot of energy and agility itself, whereas old age people are usually found lacking stamina or suffering with lot of other age-related problems. Hence, giving them burden of children’s care will surely put them in trouble. Moreover, I personally feel that the former generation usually have had already contributed enough for the family and they have spent their whole life for rearing up their kids, so now they should be given ample amount of time to enjoy their retirement and live their life for themselves, rather than giving them extra loads of rearing grand-children. They, at this age, ought to be given space to live a life free from any of such responsibilities.    

However, on the other side, such a trend can give an unspoken happiness to older people when they play with their children’s children. In my culture, majority of senior people have a common dream of playing with their grand-children, because that gives them immense pleasure. Moreover, sometimes, when youngsters go to work, their parents feel lonely and bore at home and are not lefty with any other better options to kill their time but spending time with kids, instead by taking the accountability of the kids they themselves feel happy as they can somehow help their over hectic children. But on the whole, this responsibility is good till they can really enjoy it and it must not be thrusted upon the old people just because they are idle at home.

To recapitulate, I strongly feel grandparents ought to be given their enough part to enjoy retire life at that age and must not be burdened with any more extra responsibilities, instead parents need to be more calculative in managing time and work to look after their children, to make them competent enough for the latest world. 

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