Monday, February 8, 2016

Recent IELTS WRITING TASK-2, INDIA January 2016. Nowadays leisure industry products and modern gadgets are widely used by young people. The use of these products reduces the young generation’s creativity. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion.

With the development in technology and in leisure industry, the devices to kill time have also been reformed. It is believed that the use of these modern gadgets ultimately kill their imagination or individuality. But on the other hand, these gadgets are playing a vital role in developing inventiveness of the people too. So, before going to any final conclusion, let us discuss on both the aspects of the contention. 

  • Disagreement with the topic.

  • Due to these techie gadgets only, the major amount of the youth power is accessible to technology and creativity.
  • World has come closer and hence technology has become simple and easily approachable by everyone, without these gadgets, most of the people would not have been aware about the latest up comings in field of technology, fashion, sports and so on.
  • Techie gadgets help in developing new ideas and ways. e.g. hundreds of application being launched everyday to make the life easier on app store. Without the use of android smart gadgets, this would not have been possible.
  • Thousands of applications and gadgets are there, which develop creative thinking, ideas, innovations and curiosity.
  • They are not just the time killing machines, but provide the plat form to learn, practise, master and show case our talent and ideas to the global audience.
  •   Other side of the coin

  • Copy-Pasting has killed and blocked new thinking and imagination.
  • Easy availability of ready material and contents of almost all fields, give birth to lack of necessity for creating new. e.g. Copying movies script, books, learning materials, scientific ideas and many other. Ultimately it kills creativity.
  • Overuse of these gadgets bring mental and physical stress and tiredness. 
  • To recapitulate

    The modern gadgets, no doubt sometimes kill the creativity of people, but this is limited to only those who do not love to be creative, for those who are creative by nature, these gadgets are nothing other than a boosting boon.

    -Hope this would be helpful. Love to see your names in the comment box. All the Best !

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