Saturday, June 16, 2012

Should we think about future or not?

Some people consider thinking about and planning for the future to be a waste of time. They argue that people should simply live in the moment.  Do you agree or disagree?  Use at least one personal example in your response.

“To live in present and to plan future” has been one of oldest ideology of people since ages. On the other hand the modern trend teaches people to enjoy present without worrying about future. Both the life styles have their own merits and demerits. However I believe thinking about future and planning it in advance is quite more preferable. Let me elaborate in details with some of my personal evidences.

To start with, a life without an ambition is a ship without rudder. Thinking about future gives one a vision which provides a way to reach his goal. Planning for future provides a chance to achieve anything more easily and safely. To illustrate simply I can give an example of my own education, I wanted to be an IAS officer, which requires great deal of general knowledge and good health to clear the entrance exam of this post. So I started to gather information about this and started preparation for the same and finally recently I cleared the written exam of IAs. Hence, I succeeded easily only because; I have started to think about it in advance since my 10th standard. If I were to start the preparation on last night, I would not have been succeeded. Thus for every student it is essential to decide their future way and to plan about it as early as possible. And this is true not only in students’ case but everywhere in today’s era. For every businessman, sportsman, politician, army man, employer or employee planning in advance gives more chances to success and to remove obstacles from the way of one’s goal.

In addition, I differ from those who consider advance planning a waste of time as in my every day to day routine I have observed only my advance preparation has saved my lots of time; in contrast last minute preparation cause more hassles and makes me to spoil more time. For instance, our every appointment, interviews, lectures or any important meeting cannot be possibly arranged without prior panning. Even the planning for the life after retirement, in one’s young age, only helps him in old age days. Likewise, planning about future makes one ready to face any kind of upcoming changes or crisis in their lives, may it be either financial or emotional.

Moreover planning about future and worrying about it are two different things. So, those who consider planning as a worrying and a waste of enjoyment in life, are not true. Obviously, one must not waste his precious moments of this beautiful life just in anxiety of future but yes one must have to be ready to fight against anything in advance. 

In brief, People ought to commit some of the precious time from their present for their future. Which in turn will be helpful not only to shape their career, to meet their professional plans or to achieve their targets but also to make their future more secure, safer and convenient or to shape it as their own wishes.


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