Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What differentiate adults from children?

People recognize a difference between children and adults. What events (Experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.


Childhood and adulthood are two successive stages of human development. It is pretty easy to make distinctions between them by their appearance. However a psychological difference sometimes is not so clear. Age is not a criterion. The difference between children and adults is in the way they think, feel, make their own decisions and take responsibility. Let me describe the events or experiences which differentiate adults and children.

First of all, it is a physical change that makes a person an adult. Obviously, age is an apparent standard for judgment. With the time passing by, a person's the physic characters change. We can tell whether a person is an adult from the face, the height and other physiology characters. Secondly, childhood is characterized by innocence and freedom. Generally children are not obligated to do anything that they do not want and they do not have any responsibility for others. At adulthood things change dramatically. They are often imposed with responsibilities of themselves as well other family member. Therefore the first thing that makes an adult is age as well sense of responsibility.

Moreover, the another factor is economic independence. For example the first time a teenager gets a job, you may say that he is no longer a child. After all in most cases from that moment his parents do not treat him as an infant. Furthermore, adults hold more knowledge than children do. so up to some extent, the process through which children learn their subjects in schooling is the process which makes children adults. This knowledge brings maturity in them and that maturity differentiates the child from an adult.Many other social events like getting in to the society, getting married, having children, being independent in all aspects of life, are the stages or the events which separates adults from children.

To sum up this interesting topic I would say that the difference between children and adults is in the way they think, feel, make their own decisions and take responsibility. The age, knowledge and economic independence in combination with our traditional and social ceremonies are main distinctions that distinguish adults from children.

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