Friday, May 11, 2012

Vocabulary for Graph writing

Here is a list of some useful words to describe trends in graph writing. (IELTS Writing task -1 academic module) But again I would suggest all of you to add some other different words in this list. (You can jot them down in comments as well to share it with others) And for one of the best sources to collect this vocab is reading economic or stock markets’ corner in any English newspaper like the times or Indian express or any other website.

Movement (Verbs): Up
  • Rose
  • Went up
  • Increased
  • Grew
  • Shot up
  • Surged
  • Rocketed
Movement (Verbs): Down
  • Fell
  • Declined
  • Dropped
  • Decreased
  • Sank
  • Went down
  • Plunged
  • Plummeted

Adverbs and intensifiers
  • slightly
  • a little
  • a lot
  • sharply
  • suddenly
  • steeply
  • gradually
  • gently
  • steadily
No Movement: (Verbs with Adjectives, Verbs)
  • remained steady
  • were unchanged
  • did not change
  • remained constant
  • remained stable
  • stabilized
Tops and Bottoms
  • reached a peak
  • peaked
  • reached their highest level
  • fell to a low
  • sank to a trough
  • reached a bottom

Hope this may help. At a moment am in hurry, will explain in detail with some pictures and some more better words, keep visiting.


  1. It helped me a lot. If you explain the detail and pictures I will be so glad.
    Thank you so much !!

    1. Thanks secil and will surely work on your comment...keep visiting.......

  2. could be helpful for me..

  3. thanks for providing this information really it is helpful

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