Thursday, May 24, 2012

Should Govt. spend on arts or not?

Should governments spend money on art, when they have so many other important issues and concerns?

Arts have been enjoying one of the most important positions in our societies throughout the ages and governments have been spending a good amount of money since the time of kings. It seems to be one of the basic needs of humans to surround them with art. However some people feel that government money spent on art is wastage, particularly when there are so many other essential needs to be looked upon. This essay will examine the conflict between those who say art is important and those who feel it is a waste of money.

Why should Govt. spend?
  • Art is the part of culture and tradition, it maintains the cultural heritage.
  • It brings name,fame and glory to the nation.
  • It attracts foreign revenue, hence help to the economy of a nation.
  • Some poor artists can not reveal their skill without government's support.
  • Make some uncommon masterpieces arts accessible to common people.
Why should not?
  • Wastage of public money on the name of art.
  • Misuse to fulfil political purposes.
  • There are many other issues like poverty, education, health etcetera specially in the developing countries like India, Bangladesh etcetera.
  • Can be treated by private companies.

Try your hand and complete the essay using these points. You can post your answers to get it checked.

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