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IELTS writing task-1 Letter sample answer

Writing task-1 ( General Module)

Write a letter to the principle of your college to inform him that you have joined an evening course that appears not to match its description in the college brochure.

In your letter, you should include:
-why you have joined the course
-how the course is different from the brochure description
-what action you expect the principal to take
Start your letter with:
Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you regarding a course I have taken at Centennial College that appears quite different from what its description in the school’s brochure.

I would like to let you know that before about a month I came across your brochure which described a French Languages weekend course that could be applied as a credit towards my university’s Bachelor of Arts degree.  As my major is language, I was very interested in taking this course to help my studies at Centennial.  Currently, however, we are three weeks into the course and have spent little time learning about French. We have only learnt about some historical background of this language and some other languages, which I do not think quite necessary for learning French. As this is not really in accordance with the brochure’s description in which we are shown to be taught about some day to day communication and some grammatical structure of French language. I hope you can understand I feel a bit baffled as to what the nature of this course is.

What I would appreciate is if the college could get back to me to confirm whether this is a history or languages course.  If the latter, I would hope someone may talk to our professor and help him to stay on the main topic.

Thank you,

[200+ words]
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