Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do advertisements tell us about local culture or not?

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Advertisements have become part and parcel of today’s society. Here the concern is that whether an advertise reflexes local culture or not. In my belief most of the advertisements are made to attract the local people hence they really tell a lot about the local society. I have some reasons and evidences to support my view. Let us discuss in detail.

First of all, the first goal of any commercial is to attract the group of people which is possible only when it is shown in their own way with the touch of local traditions and cultures. For instance in India advertisements have to in Indian regional languages as well as the characters in them have to be in Indian traditional dresses and costumes. Hence from language to location everything which is shown in advertises are mostly regional. Thus we can say advertisements have to be with local traditions to convince their target groups and hence they automatically reflect a country where they are shown.

Furthermore advertisements are also according to the demand and necessities of local people so they indirectly show the local traditions. For instance an advertise of sari or “cholis” can be seen in India because they are part of Indian culture but these ads can never be found in western countries because people will not be attracted to it. Advertises in India basically focus on Indian food whereas in US they show their foods advertisements can tell a lot about traditions, culture, festivals and celebrations, economic situation of the country.

However on other side if we consider some of the global advertisements, they are made to target their consumers in entire globe so they do not have specification about local territory from where they are shown. For instance some advertisements of global products like automobiles and so on. Moreover mostly advertisements can tell us only about modern trends and not about the history of the country. But on the whole I think except few of these all advertisements are the mirror of their own locality. And in fact in order to succeed in advertising campaign especially on the international market company must know and show traditions, customs, language or lifestyle of people of the country where they are shown.

All in all at last I would insist that advertisements are basically made to attract the consumers and for that reason they are made in a way which can people accept easily. So they are shown in regional customs in every region, hence they reflect the regional cultures.

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